Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol - Top 9 - Lennon/McCartney

Last nights performances were surprisingly good for me!!  I know a lot more Lennon/McCartney songs than I thought I did...just never knew the names of them!!  Ha!  With that being said here is what I thought of last night and my guesses for going home.

Aaron Kelly - This was probably his worst performance in my opinion!  Blah, blah and more blah.  He is not a song writer or at least he hasn't shown that he has song writing capabilities.  I love that the group calls him Yoda!  Love it!  He sang Long and Winding Road and this was the song I was least familiar with out of the bunch, but it was just so boring and his vocals weren't on point as usual.  I think this may be one of those cases where one bad performance will send him home!  MAYBE......he is loved by the Tweenies so we'll see!

Katie Stevens - She performed Let It Be and I have to admit it sounded really good.  I wish the judges would get off this genre kick and just let these kids sing!  I mean DANG!  I think her spin on this song was not a copycat, but just enough for her to showcase the voice she does have.  Not sure if it will be enough to save her as she's been bottom 3 for 2 weeks in a row now. 

Andrew Garcia - He performed Can't Buy Me Love and It was pretty good.  I think at times the band was too much and almost over powered him, but overall, not a bad performance.

Michael "Big Mike" Lynche - He sang Eleanor Rigby.  I had NO idea that was the name of that song!!!! HAHA  Anyway, it was a little pitchy in places but I still liked it!  The violins were great and I think he is coming into his own in a good way.

Crystal Bowersox - She sang Come Together and was the best performance of the night of course.  I Loved it.  The girl is just awesome, no matter what she does.

Tim Urban - Performed All My Lovin and didn't look like a stalker.  His vocals were good and it wasn't corny. OMG....It was OK.  NOW I'm really not so sure about Aaron! 

Casey James - Jealous Guy is what he chose to perform and man what a performance from him.  I expect Crystal and Big Mike to do good, Casey has been a wonderful addition to that list for me!!!  He's good looking and he's truly coming into himself as a performer as well.  The boy can play the heck out of the guitar can't he???  I love that they call him Goldilocks!!  Hilarious!

Siobhan Magnus - She picked Across the Universe and although she has a wonderful voice and sounded good it was totally boring for me.  But she has a great voice when she's not screaming.

Lee Dewyze - Sang Hey Jude.  This may not have been his best vocals but I love his voice and he is picking better songs and can we say the confidence is coming in play?!!  I'm sure if he keeps that up he will be one of the final 4 or 5.  

This is prolly the hardest bottom 3 selection of the season so far!!!   I have NO idea so I'm going to just go by the order that I like them....

Bottom 3: (in this order)
Siobhan Magnus
Andrew Garcia
Aaron Kelly

Aaron Kelly
Bad part is I don't think Aaron will go home due to the tweenies that vote, but in all honesty he was the worst performance of the night and SHOULD go home!  We'll see!
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