Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol - Top 10 - R&B

I have to admit that I enjoyed majority of the performances tonight. I liked the addition of the backstage camera.  It was nice to see their reactions afterward.   I wasn't sure how many of them would actually pull off tonight's R&B theme, but I was super excited to see Usher whose been doing this since he was what? 14??  Anywho, I have a few quick notes and a guess for going home tonight.

Siohban Magnus starts the show with Shaka Khan's Through the Fire.  Blah!  I expected her to actually do well on this song, but what a disappointment.  I don't think she'll be going home, but that was definitely NOT a good performance from her.   And seriously, I'm sick of the screaming notes.  Just sit and sing and stop trying to have a power note every single dang song!!!

Casey James came next with Hold On and I agree with the judges this was his best performance yet.  You could see he had total confidence in this performance and he really nailed it.

Big Mike sang India Aire's Ready for Love and I have to say he performed the heck outta that song!  Great vocals!!

Didi Benami sang Brokenhearted and I was very brokenhearted for her.  I think she may have done herself in this week IF Tim has more fans, which I doubt so she'll prolly be safe.  I really just do not like this girl...I agree with the judges that she has NO idea who she is and is just floating around like a stereotypical blonde. (No offense to my blonde friends, please!)

Tim Urban (Stalker) sang Anita Baker's Sweet Love.  WTF? and WHY?  He had absolutely no business trying this song unless he was going to change the arrangement enough to make it his own.  Otherwise who in the world told him that he could take on Anita Baker?? And I swear the guy is like a's creepy!

Andrew Garcia sang Chris Brown's Forever.  He went back to the acoustic sound and it was much better than he has been in a few weeks.  I think he did good at making it his own and avoided being a "copy cat" as Simon would say!  I like it.

Katie Stevens attempted to sing Aretha Franklin's Chain of Fools.  It actually wasn't bad and I really wish the judges would get the heck off this "young and current" kick.  The kid has a bluesy soul type voice and I think she is picking songs she knows matches her vocals.  I don't think she will win, but she does have a good voice and minus the horrendous outfit she had on she did OK.

Lee Dewyze sang Treat her Like a Lady and I enjoyed it completely.  I love the texture of his voice and he owned the song last night!  Great performance from him this week.

Crystal Bowersox sang Gladys Night's Midnight Train to Georgia.  The girl blew me away with her vocals tonight.  I mean she's been my favorite all along, but the vocals tonight caught me off guard and were superb!  I liked the change in her outfit and stage presence for the fact that she fit the R&B category.... judges are so confusing sometimes, it's just annoying!!!  Either way, her and Mike were the best performances of the night!

Aaron Kelly decided to go with Ain't no Sunshine and maybe if he was a little older and could really relate to the words of the song it would have came over better, otherwise, blah.  He just wasn't feeling it enough or wasn't able to project the energy well enough.  I'm still saying he's just too young with not enough experience.  

My favorite perfomances of the night were (in this order):
Crystal Bowersox
 Big Mike
 Casey James 
Lee Dewyze
 Andrew Garcia 

My guesses for bottom 3 is:
Katie Stevens
 Didi Benami
Tim Urban  
My guess for going home is:
 Tim Urban
If there are any curve balls thrown at us, I could see Siobhan in the bottom 3, but getting sent back as the first one safe.
I could also see Didi go home over TimTim although stalkerish does have better pitch in his performances. 
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