Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 12 - Rolling Stones - Results

Since I am currently still stuck in a hospital bed, I'm going to write this during the show, or at least try.  I do still have an Economics essay due tomorrow at midnight so maybe this will get me rolling with the writing. 

Ryan and Simon crack me up.  I'm not sure if they are truly enemies or friends...they always seem so serious!!  All the judges prolly hate him when he puts them on the spot with his little smart remarks and such.

David Cook comes out and performs Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones and kinda shows everyone of the idols how it's suppose to be done!!!  He is really excited about this album, huh?  I may just have to check it out.

Well, I forgot about naming Bottom 3 yesterday..I just took a guess on who was going to go home.  Oooops....If I have time to continue my blog once I'm out of the hospital I won't forget next time.  (I really want to write about this hospital stay too)

Ford commercial was pretty kewl.  I will never ever in my life buy a Ford, but I do like the colors on the cars in the commercial.  The contestants also had an opportunity to create a custom design for a Ford Fusion, and they all seem to have pretty creative ideas in that aspect.  

And now on to finding out who our Bottom 3 are:
First up is Paige Miles and Ryan asks about her voice before slinging her to the Bottom 3.

Next is Lee Dewyze, Ryan asks him about the advice Simon gave him and he said he agreed that he needs to have a "let it all loose" type performance then Ryan informs him he's Safe

Siobhan Magnus is, to nobody's surprise, Safe.  Ellen advised that her uniqueness is what they like about her.  She's not struggling to figure out who she is, she already knows.

Aaron Kelly of course is Safe (Ryan cannot sing at all!!!)  I shouldn't even bother commenting on him being like Justin Timberlake....PUULLEEEASE!!!!  I don't think so!!  JT has MAD talent that kid only wishes he possessed from what I've seen.  He hasn't even presented himself as a song writer in any type of way.  Am I being too hard on the tweenie??  Oh well, can't stand their bubble gum stuff!!

Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban are asked to both stand. Kara babbles some kinda crud about them both being really bad last night and then Ryan just slaps Tim to the Bottom 3.

I have NO idea what the rock chick's name was.  Don't think I've ever heard the song she performed before either.  Her vocals weren't all that great IMO.  Too bad we can't send her home.  Seriously?  She got to work with MJ??  Oh well, not impressed with that performance what so ever...lucky her!

Didi Benami with her I'm so much sweeter than you demeanor (GAG, finger down throat) is safe.  It hit me tonight while she was talking about her mom being in the audience that she's just annoyingly fake to me.  I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.  Just the aura I get!

Crystal Bowersox is giving me some ideas on styling my dreads...hmmm, I kinda like the little bit of regular hair in the front...hmmm after 10 years I may try something new, we'll see.  Anywho, of course she is safe, but not after explaining again that she has never thought she had this competition in the bag, she is just enjoying herself doing her.

Katie Stevens has no choice but to be confused the way the judges are tossing her around.  Kara thinks she's an R&B/Pop gal (NOT) and Simon says she should go Country.  Either way the girl is safe but prolly more confused than she wanted to be at this point. LOL  Her "sweetness" comes off as fake to me too, but I'm prolly just being overly judgemental as I'm so ready to get out of this damn hospital bed!!!

Michael Lynche is a total HAM and we are just going to have to get used to his corny ways as long as he pulls his vocals off.  He will prolly not win due to being corny, but I think he has a huge fan base already because of his baby being born on National TV (sorta) Either way Big Mike is safe.

Casey James and Lacey Brown are asked to stand and Lacey is sent to the Bottom 3.

Ryan asks the judges if they would save any of the Bottom 3 with the judges save.  Ellen gives an iffy yes and Simon flat out said that there was only ONE out of the 3 that he would use the save on....I'm guessing he's speaking about Paige considering he likes her voice AND she's suffering from Laryngitis.

Tim then gets sent back to the couch as the one SAFE out of the 3.  I'm getting excited thinking I may be correct on my guess to go home at this point...hehe  (I did guess Lacey, right?)

Another performer that I've never heard of....boy am I out of the loop on what's playing on the radio.....hmmmm  Prolly a good thing...more GARBAGE IMO.  And my husband's awesome vocals and creativity still remain undiscovered but this garbage gets played over and over ....Arrghhh!!

Paige Miles is safe and Lacey Brown has to sing for the judges to see if she can earn her save.

Doesn't happen.  Simon advises that they were completely unanimous and they will NOT be using their save on her.  YAY!!
Good luck Lacey in whatever you end up doing with your career!!

Lacey Brown

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