Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol - Top 11- Billboard #1s

I just have a moment to make a quick few notes.

I am completely loving Ms Bowersox. Great performance last night!

I'm not sure how many more times I want to hear Siobhan scream a note for a few seconds every single pereformance!

Aaron Kelly, even though he's a tweeny I have to say he was not half bad at all last night!

I also like Michael Lynche and Katie Stevens. They didn't have "awesome" performances but they are good all the same.

Casey is borderline for me. Great voice and he's OK to look at but now wow factor just yet.  I loved it when he told Miley he was a fan of her dad's!!!  Funny!!

My guesses for Bottom 3 are:
Paige Miles
Tim Urban
Andrew Garcia

We will probably be saying goodbye to:
Tim Urban

Maybe Paige, not sure which has more fans between the two...and he beat her last week, so.... just saying!!! 
I thought about Didi as well for bottom 3, but I think she has more fans than Andrew so she still has a minute before gracing that lovely bottom 3!

I don't even have enough time to comment about Miley Cyrus as a mentor! Wow American Idol. Just Wow!  She didn't do as bad as I thought she would, but still .... hmmm not sure!
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