Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 12 - Rolling Stones

So we have finally made it to the Top 12....Top 10 soon to follow.  There are quite a few folks that I wouldn't mind not seeing on tour so my hope is that the people that I've dubbed my "likes" stay safe till the Top 10.  I'm not sure what to expect with Rolling Stones night...I am not familiar enough with all their music to say that I will know all the songs picked tonight!  So here we go.......

Michael Lynche - He sang Miss Me and it was OK for me. At least it didn't suck.  Simon advised he was kinda corny with his dancing.  I think for the most part he's good enough to move on and he definitely knows what type of artist he wants to be and I think he'll be successful in whatever he puts out.  This performance however did not WOW me and at this point those are the type of performances I'm looking for every week, it's a must!!

Didi Benami - She chose to sing Playing with Fire.  The arrangement was OK, she did her thing with it and actually sounded OK.  She got kinda lost pitch wise in the middle, but overall OK job.  Still no WOW factor for me where she's concerned.  I like the texture of her voice, but she is just not pulling me in the way I want her to.  I have to agree that this is probably her best performance for me, but it was still just an OK overall performance.

Casey Jones - It's All Over Now was his song choice.  He made a blues/country sorta rock rendition of it and it was really good.  I liked it.  I love his bluesy sound!!  Ellen is making a very good judge IMO.  She made a crack about how girls will definitely vote for him, but then people like her and then she just paused....of course you assume she's speaking of her sexuality but then she says "blonde"...haha  Anywho, Casey is good although not really my genre of music, he's still good.

Lacey Brown - She sang Ruby Tuesday.  I just really don't care for her mousey voice.  She's ok if you like her voice, but I'm not interested.  I love her style and her look, but her voice is terribly annoying to me. 

Andrew Garcia - He sang Gimme Shelter.  Good choice for him I thought, but it was a little pitchy in places.  I think he messed himself up by doing the Straight Up song during auditions because he doesn't have anything else just as strong or better to keep him in the running.  We are expecting Straight Up performances every week and he really didn't have that arsenal waiting like we were hoping.

Katie Stevens - Wild Horses is her song choice.  What a totally boring arrangement of what could have been an awesome performance for her.  She has a good voice, but that was not a WOW performance for me at all.  Something about this girl I just don't believe.  I think she may have all her family dupped as well...hehe

Tim Urban - He sang Under My Thumb. I just have to say he totally looks like a creepy demon character from Supernatural or Charmed or something....I don't know what it is about him when he performs that's just scary.  I completely loved that arraingment of the song and prolly sounded the best he has all competition IMO.  Judges didn't like it at all, but maybe since I don't really know the original it was OK for me.  Besides Reggae is my heart so I was impressed he was able to pull it off with the vocals.  Good thing I'm not a Stones fanatic, huh Simon??

Siobhan Magnus - Paint it Black which was a great song choice I thought.  There was a pitchy moment in her lower register for a split second, but then she got into the song and I really liked it.  That outfit she had on you either love her or not....that was just wild, but she made it work for her and the performance of the song.  I love her's quirky and kinda loveable.  Hands down the best performance of the night IMO.  I would just warn her against trying to have one huge note in every song...that will get played out to me, really fast!!

Lee DeWyze -  Beast of Burden was a good song choice for him and I really thought he did a good job with the song.  Maybe he could have rocked it out a bit more, but I love his raspy rock voice and I think he did it well.  He does need to hit us with a WOW soon or he will be leaving before the top 6.

Paige Miles - Honkey Tonk Woman was her song choice...there are jokes that I'm just NOT going to make here, but anyone who knows me knows just what I'm thinking.....LOL.  After that being said I actually liked it and thought she did OK.  The fact that she has Laryngitis and performed that well, I give her mad props and so did the judges.  

Aaron Kelly - He choose to sing Angie and he has an awesome voice, but kinda boring.  I just can't get past the tweeny bopper thing, but maybe he'll have a wow moment in a couple weeks for me.  Great vocals though I will give the kid that as well as a smart song choice.  He maybe finally realizes he can sing, but he doesn't have a huge voice in any kinda way.  Nothing like Mick Jagger.

Crystal Bowersox - She sang You can't Always Get What you Want.  To me she's ready to hit someone's studio and just start recording her music.  I'm thinking she's going to come out like India.Aire or somewhere along those lines as long as she doesn't win and let Idol producers stifle her.  I don't want to see her leave till about 3 or 4 like Daughtry though.  She will always be my favorite so in that case I do not want her to win.

So who do you think will be leaving tomorrow night?  Who did you vote for?  Me? I didn't bother cuz I was not wowed at all.

I think it's possible the judges have doomed Tim Urban and we may see him go home OR Lacey Brown could go home....I wouldn't be upset with either one!
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