Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol - Top 24 - Top 10 Guys

Guys switched with the girls since Crystal Bowersox was rushed to the hospital .... :(
We pray she will be alright!  She's my fav!!
Well this week they are suppose to tell us something we don't know about them! If it's interesting I'll include the info...hehe

Michael Lynche - He juggled theater art and football at a performing arts high school.  OMG, he can bench 505lbs.....hmmm hummm...Now that I'm done drooling....He performed James Brown "This is a Man's World" and he did exactly what the judges wanted IMO, it was his OWN version of the song and I loved it.  The judges loved it too.

John Park - Grew up in Korea although he was born in Chicago, so English is actually his second language. He is performing John Mayer "Gravity" and he was much better than he was last week and a much better song choice.  He is really pitchy in some parts though.  I don't think he has the "umph" to make it as a recording artist.  Simon thinks he's going back home this week to his Acappella group Purple Haze.

Casey James - He has never watched the show before..because he grew up without a TV in house and has continued in his adulthood without a TV.  He performed Gavin McGraw "I Wanna Be" and he did horrible with the vocals.  Disappointing as I like his bluesy voice texture, but he tried to do a rock version of the song as he was playing the electric guitar.  I think the guitar is overpowering for his voice texture but he can sure play the heck out it!!

Alex Lambert - He is suffering really bad from stage fright.. poor guy....He performed John Legend's "Everybody Knows" and this kid has an awesome crispy voice that I really like, not sure how far he will make it due to his lack of performance experience, but very kewl voice!  Could have elaborated a little on the arrangement but overall I really liked it!

Todrick Hall - He is actually a classically trained dancer. Looked good on the videos shown.  He performed Tina Turner "What's Love Got To Do With It" and he was actually much better than he was last week.  He definitely made the song his own but his vocals are shaky.  All the judges thought it was the wrong song choice for him.

Jermaine Sellers - Eww..I really don't like this gal, oh I mean guy.  He actually bragged about his onsie that he wears around the house..WTF???  He performed Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" and he did just what I boo!  I don't think his vocals are strong enough for the Top 10 guys much less the Top 5 that go on tour.  I will give him that he did better than last week, but I hope we say buyh-buyh to him this week!!

Andrew Garcia - He is a break dancer as well.  Should get a crew and get on ABDC..hehe He performed James Morrison "You Give Me Something" and it was just OK this week for me.   Wasn't big on the song choice, but I still like him.  I prefer to see him with his guitar, jamming out.

Aaron Kelly - He enjoys photography.  He performed The Temptations "My Girl" and he did a great job.  He's more for the tweenies than for me, but good vocals and he definitely has more confidence and a good performance.  Simon was the only judge that really didn't care for it and I actually didn't agree with him this time.

Tim Urban - They just harped on how bad he did last week. He performed Matt Nathanson "Come on Get Higher"  Never heard this song so not sure what to expect.  It sounded really pitchy to me in places.  He may go home this week as well.  Ellen suggested he go into acting and get on GLEE...LOL.  And Simon actually liked it...haha.

Lee DeWyze - Went to an alternative high school due to making bad choices.  He performed Hinders??? "Lips of an Angel" and he is another one that I love the texture of his voice.  A little pitchy in a few areas, but overall a really good performance. 

My vote would have been Big Mike, Alex Lambert, and Lee DeWyze.  But since I just got done watching the show guess it's too late to vote..haha.

On to catch up on ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew)......BEFORE the girls come on tonight.

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