Sunday, August 10, 2008

Healthy Living and weight loss......

My children had their yearly check-up a couple of weeks ago. We brought some concerns we had about my son to her attention. I thought my son was suffering from Sleep Apnea. Turns out we were right. She sent us to see a Nose, Throat, Ear specialist and they confirmed he has it bad. We have now scheduled him for surgery September 5th to have his tonsils and his adenoids removed. I know this surgery is so simple now a days, but it doesn't change the fear of seeing your 5 year old child go in to have surgery!! Once this surgery is over I'm hoping it will help to get us all more active and living each day. My son is overweight just like the rest of us. He is 48" tall and is weighing in at 97.5 lbs. My daughter at 6 years old is 52.5" tall and weighs in at 101 lbs. Granted they are tall for their age, but we still must get the weight under control. They have both been prescribed water only for the entire school year. I've decided to join this regimine with them (except for coffee, I can't give it up entirely) Not to mention healthy recipes with veggies and all!

I have also started a profile at Healthy Living. I am going to use their weight management journal to start a serious goal of loosing 100lbs. I have set a goal to loose it by the time I'm 40. That is 5 years. If I can't reach this goal by then something is seriously wrong with me!! LOL But instead of blogging about football we may be out in the backyard playing instead!!! hehe

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