Monday, August 18, 2008

Ugh ..... Life

I have to honestly say, LIFE would be boring if it wasn't for the stuff that comes at us on a daily basis!!!!

Right now, I'm not sure if I want to cry, laugh, or just lay down and act like I'm dead so I don't have to deal!! LOL

The kids are starting school this Thursday. Saturday we spent ALL day getting school supplies and uniforms and socks, shoes and hair styles and all this in order for the first day of school. We got to meet their new teachers and stuff. KJ is all excited for school now since he got the teacher he wanted. Whereas Aloria's excitement kinda died when she found that she's in the "mean" teachers class. But it helped to find out all the friends she was looking for from Kindergarten were all going to be in that class as well! LOL

Right now I'm so LIVID with my landlord I am seeing double!!!!! I can't even call and talk to him about getting my deposit back just cuz I'm afraid I'll say something that will end up back firing on me in some kinda way!!! Friday when I got home there was a letting from the Landlord. He has decided that he wants to sell the property. He cannot sell to us unless we want to move out for 2 months then move back in. He wants to make repairs and then put on the market for sale. We have been given 30 days to move out!! I understand this is his legal right and he's given his legal amount of notice.

What makes me mad is the fact that I talk to this guy EVERY month!!!! He's come to the house to pick up rent before!! He could have told me 6 months ago that he planned on putting this house on the market at the end of our lease!! I just paid to have the cable all hooked up which will now have to be paid to switch to new house. KJ's surgery has been scheduled for Sept 5th which is NOW the same week we will have to move if we get the house that we looked at in the middle of all the school supply shopping. I really like the house but he wants someone to move in on the 1st of the month. So that is 2 weeks away!! I'd have to get my deposit back from current landlord before we actually move out, I wonder if he'd do it after putting us in a MESSED up situation to begin with!!! I'm just so aggitated with this guy it's not even funny!!!

GOD says the same, we will get moved into the new house and my son's surgery will go off without a hitch and I can continue putting in OT hours for this project at work!!

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