Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alive and Well in Houston after Hurricane IKE!!

I really don't have much time, but I wanted to get something posted as fast as I can to let anyone who was worried about us here in Houston know that we are all fine!!

As you know we were moving Thursday and Friday, so Friday the cable guy was suppose to come and hook up the cable and internet. They cancelled all installations till Sept 26th ... so no internet at the new house till the 26th!

The blessing: The house we moved from STILL has NO power right now!! AND the neighbor behind us, their HUGE tree fell into our backyard so there is no fence in the back at all anymore.

The new house: Lost power for about 4 hours on Sat morning. No water for 3 days, but mom had me fill a bathtub up on Friday night so we had toilet flushing water and brushing teeth water at least :) We have Sparkletts delivery so we had plenty of drinking water!

My mother, who lives on the north side of Houston (Spring) is still without power since Friday night. Phone service goes in and out as well, so it's hard to let family members know if you are OK or not. I've been lucky that the company has business continuity and we were invited to stay here if we needed to OR for the family they provided hotel rooms! All Blessings!!

At this point the schools have pretty much been closed for the week and I'm off from work for the rest of the week....we've been here pretty much since Thursday......I got here Sunday and we've just been kinda dealing!

NOW, I'm going to go home and set up all my furniture that got just thrown in the house on Friday when we were trying to beat IKE ....we finished moving stuff at 4PM Friday and by 7PM we were being rained on by IKE.....we pretty much moved the entire 3 bedroom house in ONE day! My mother helped us out .... and that is another BLESSING!!! I love my mother!!!!

I'll see about getting pictures posted BUT if you go to http://www.chron.com/ (local newspaper site) there are slideshows and such you can see from Galveston. Look for the before and after shot of Crystal Beach....just sad all those homes are GONE! KEMA is a place we used to go a LOT .... doesn't look like we'll be there anytime soon!! :(

Like I said I'll try to get back here sometime this week, but not sure if I will be able to. Just wanted you to know that we are OK. A little dishelved, but alive and together!!! GOD Bless :)

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