Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another bout with ID-10-T Disease!!

My oh my oh my!!! This disease is running RAMPANT through the world!!! ROFL

Last week I sent a message to our electric company, Cirro Energy, in order to have our service transferred to the new address. I received an email from them yesterday advising that they need $400 deposit in order to set up new service at the new address.

Now, we have had Cirro Energy the entire YEAR that we have lived at the house we are moving out of. They had sent me a notice to "re-new" my service with them which I had just done LAST month!! During renewal I signed up for the fixed price for the year.

So naturally, I call Cirro. I said to them, why do I need a deposit to transfer my newly renewed service from one address to another. The guy says to me, Due to account history we will now require a deposit. I ask what do you mean by account history. He says to me, well, you had your lights disconnected for a day in May and then again in July. So, calmly, I asked him so in order to keep my service at this address were you guys going to bill me $400 for the next year?? He says No ma'am we wouldn't charge the deposit on existing service. So I say, then why am I being charged a deposit to MOVE my existing service to the new house??? He says well, this would be considered new service. So I ask, what happens to the year of service I just renewed? He says well, that renewal is for that address only. So I'm just trying to clarify......

If I stay in this house then my service continues with no issues, but if I decide to move then I have to pay $400 to have my service moved with me. He says "Yes" I said thank you very much.....I will be calling a different service provider!!! LATER!!

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