Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricane Ike Photos!!

I just HAD to share one of my phone calls with you guys from this morning. I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes!!!!!

Caller: My computer will not power up at all. I have one monitor that will not turn on either. No errors, just no power.

ME: You have already attempted to reboot the system?

Caller: Yes and there is nothing, no green lights or anything.

ME: OK, we have had several machines have to be replaced I will contact local support and get them to come assess the damage to your workstation.

Caller: Oh, I have a note here that says my workstation was affected by Hurricane Ike, Is that why my system won't power up??

ME: (Stiffling laughter) - Yes, ma'am. Someone should be there shortly to replace your CPU as well as assess any other damage to your workstation.

Caller: Oh, ok! There isn't anything you can do to get my system powered up? (Remember, I work Downtown, she is in the Greenway Plaza area (about 20 min away)

ME: No ma'am. You will need to wait for local support to stop by your workstation. Most likely they already know about it, since you had a note advising you of the damage.

I think that last statement FINALLY hit home and a light bulb came on and she got off the phone!!!!! ROFLMAO

Anyway, received a lot of pics and emails today .......thought I'd share those as well :)

These are pictures of Galveston Island, Surfside Texas Crystal Beach, Port Bolivar and the Houston area.

The short - but eventful - life of Ike

In its brief lifespan of only 13 days, Hurricane Ike wreaked great deal of havoc. Affecting several countries including Cuba, Haiti, and the United States, Ike is blamed for approximately 114 deaths (74 in Haiti alone), and damages that are still being tallied, with estimates topping $10 billion. Many shoreline communities of Galveston, Texas were wiped from the map by the winds, storm surge and the walls of debris pushed along by Ike - though Galveston was spared the level of disaster it suffered in 1900.

(Picture #21 is about 4 blocks from the building I work in!! - It's the JP Morgan Chase building before it was boarded up)

I have a friend that works in that building and she sent me these as well:

(I was trying to post them, but this isn't working so I've uploaded to an album in my profile called IKE) I live here and I'm amazed at all the glass on the ground!! Just WILD

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