Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Nightmare!!

You know...the devil just never ever quits!!!!!

We were all excited and ready to go with this new townhouse. I get a call at work on Friday from the rental lady advising us that we were declined because we are showing as being evicted from our house 2 years ago. I was so angry! She says to me, call this number and see if we can't get it straightened out. The address they were giving for eviction was the same one we showed as a forclosure!!! The rental company will work with foreclosure's but will not work with evictions. Hence, this is where all my drama begins!!!

I then call the people at Resident Data. This is the company the rental company uses to check credit reports and such. They are telling me that they show the loan on the property was closed as an eviction. I ask them how could I possibly be evicted from someplace I was not living??? The loan company was called the DAY we moved to be advised that we were out of the house and that the repairs it so desperately needed could be taken care off before placed back on the market! We had been talking to Wells Fargo the entire time because we started out wanting a loan to fix the house. They tell me I have to contact Wells Fargo.

So hence, more drama! I contact Wells Fargo and they proceed to confirm that this was indeed a forclosure on this property and not an eviction. I then proceed to ask her to please put that information on the company letter head and fax to the rental company. They are holding the apartment and I'm not sure if they will hold it for 7 to 10 business days for a mailed letter to get to me. She says sure no problem. I then ask if she can also fax me a copy.

Well about 1 or 2 PM I still haven't received this fax so I call Wells Fargo back. The first idiot I talked to tells me that a forclosure and an eviction is the same thing and there isn't anything I can do to change that. That is just how it gets reported. Needless to say I hung up on her. The next idiot was no better. He insists there isn't anything they can do, I will just simply have to wait the 7 to 10 business days. I ask for his supervisor, and he transfers me to a voicemail. I called back yet again!!! This time I asked for a supervisor right off the bat. I politely explained to them I refused to go through the entire story again just to have them tell me they can't help when clearly the first lady thought there was a way to help!! So with much convincing and dropping a few "lawyer" and "BBB" comments he finally decides to transfer me to a supervisor. I politely remind him that it would be wise not to patch me through to a voicemail!!

Whoo hooo, I finally get a real live manager on the phone! I go through the ENTIRE story again and guess what, he frikin READS the dang letter out of my file notes that was supposed to be faxed to me!!!??? I was floored that he read it to me word for word, now I'm really wondering what was the other 3 idiots problem!!!?? OK?? He tells me that he's going to copy the letter into a document and print on their letterhead and fax to the rental company. The rental company finally gets this fax and the lady faxes it to the Resident Data place. I now have that managers name and number!!

Now the entire long weekend passes while my family and I are wondering are we really going to have someplace to live or are we going to have to start looking all over again!? And then when I start looking how many other places are going to pull up this eviction???

So finally, Tuesday, I called the rental company again and they tell me that Resident Data has still not cleared the file as approved. I then call Resident Data and they tell me that they have the letter, but the letter doesn't say that the eviction was reported in error. All it said was that this property was indeed forclosed on. So I call Wells Fargo, the manager directly, I kept that number just in case!!! hehe I have to leave him a voice mail. When he calls me back I tell him what Resident Data wants and ask him if I can call him back with them on the phone, he says sure.

I call Resident Data back and I get this chick that really doesn't want to help but I get her to hold anyway so I can call the manager from WF again. He doesn't answer!!! I was like UGH!!!!! So I get her to leave exactly what they want on his voice mail and I hang up. I decided to try back a few minutes later and guess what, he answers!!! So this time I make him wait while I called Resident Data back. NOW, I've got all the people suffering from ID-10-T disease on the phone can you guys PLEASE fix this issue!!!!

They go back and forth for about 3 minutes about the wording on the stoopid letter when I finally just cut in and said, You know, why is this so hard??? She is TELLING you that it is NOT an eviction can't you just type that up in your stoopid system and be done with this crud??? No, it has to be in writing. They are fighting over how to word a stoopid letter while my family and I are waiting to see if we are gonna have a frikin place to move into!!!! Resident Data wants the letter to say that it was filled in error as an eviction. WF is saying it wasn't an error because we never filed an eviction!!! Come to find out it's reported from the dang COURT system!!! HELLO! WF sent a constable to make sure the property was indeed vacated and of course the city put it down as an eviction!!!!

At this point I gave up on the townhouse. There was just no way they are going to not rent this townhouse out for 15 days to wait on paperwork from Wells Fargo to fix the reporting error. I called the rental truck and changed it to next Wednesday!! And went and took me a break from the phone. As soon as I get back to the phone the rental lady for the townhouse called and I just told her I know you can't hold the townhouse and if someone wants to rent it I completely understand. She says, Sweetie, I just got an "approval with exceptions" from Resident Data!! My heart just skipped a beat cuz at this point I had just given up on that place!!! She said she didn't know what the exceptions were cuz the manager had to get that information, but she'd call me back before I left work.

She called me back around 3:30 and says. You sitting down? I'm like yeah. She says, If I type up the lease can you come sign it today?? I was like


I'm not sure who's heart GOD touched, but I'm truly grateful and so glad that I am getting better at this! I used to get so mad with these people that I'd start cussing them out and then of course I'd get hung up on and still no issue resolved. I've learned that if I use big words very calmly that it tends to get things done and if you do it right, they realize how dumb they are all by themselves!!!

It's sad also, that Wells Fargo has brought me to posting about them twice now! And this time I have not been a customer of theirs for almost a year!!!

I'm just thankful GOD saw fit to work it all out for us and get me in contact with all the right people. So we pick up the keys tomorrow, but we decided to wait till after KJ's surgery to actually move everything, specially since the truck rental was already moved to next Wednesday!!

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