Monday, September 8, 2008

My brave lil guy!!!!

Hey all!

I'm so proud of my lil man!! Once we all got home and got some sleep Sunday morning, he slept WONDERFULLY in his bed! He was up at the crack of dawn and advised us that he had eaten some breadsticks and his throat was kind of sore! He then tells us that he's so glad he's out of the hospital AND that he's glad he had his surgery. He can breathe better. Later on he was singing and he says to me "Mommy, listen, I can sing better!!!" He's referring to the slight change in his voice. The nasal sound he used to have is completely gone and he sounds crystal clear now!!! His throat of course is sore at times, but for the most part he has made a complete turn around and seems like a completely different little boy!!!!

I have to admit, hearing him say that he's glad he had the surgery done sure makes me feel a whole lot better as his mom and having to make the decision to have it done. If I'd known he'd have so much relief I would have done it 2 years ago when he first started having the problems with his sleep apnea.

He even did well enough in the hospital to get sent home with no c-pak!! (sp?) I was going to see if I could post the videos of his sleeping before his surgery and then record him now after surgery, but the videos were giving me a hard time so I scrapped it....just trust me....he even retains his color while sleeping. His lips used to turn purple while he was asleep from the lack of oxygen. I'm just so thankful that everything worked out like it was suppose to!!!

Now Sunday afternoon since he was feeling so much better. Mom and I packed up the kids rooms (chest of drawers and toy chest) and all my husband and I clothes and everything that was in my closet and all the dishes that weren't being used from the kitchen as well as all the dirty clothes and filled up her car and our SUV and moved it all over to the new house. Set everything up where it was suppose to be and brought all the empty boxes back to the old house. While I'm at work today and my daughter is at school, hubby should be filling the boxes up again with other stuff. Computer desk and movie shelf and so forth. When I get off we will drop that stuff off so that way come Wednesday when we get the rental truck with the dolly we can move the beds, computer desk, bookshelves, and chest of drawers, oh and the kitchen table as well. So we should be done with the old house no later than Thursday morning!!!

Hopefully, I'll be online at the new place by Thursday, but if not then I'll be here at work :)

I'm still going to have to work out a prorated amount of rent for Sept with my old landlord....I figure we can do that from the deposit he's suppose to be giving back to us.

I don't even wanna talk about the hospital bill. As most of you know I'm a contractor at this company for 2+ years now. Part of putting off the surgery was to wait on insurance. At the time I thought I would only have to wait 1.5 years, but when I hit the 2 year mark I decided no longer can wait and once we had him looked at by the Ear, Nose and Throat guy he said the same thing. Can't wait any longer. They were trying to re-schedule because the hospital said they did not want to leave us with such a huge bill. I thought to myself, so then don't!!! Just don't charge that much!! hehe, yeah right!! Then they said they wanted half.....again...yeah right!!! At the time for the outpatient procedure that would have been about $1800! That would have been half! I said look....I have put this off for 2 years. I'm not an idiot, I know what kind of insurance I have.....I'm expecting a big bill, can you just work with us here!?!? She says OK, what can you pay today, I said $300! They said let's talk to the doctor!!! ROFL

Dr. Albright says if we put it off, no more than a week, the child is suffering! The hospital says OK, take the $300 and let him have the surgery!! AT this point I have NO idea what the bill has jumped to and I'm seriously not stressing about it. I figured once they get what they can from the little contract insurance I do have, then they will definitely let me know what I owe them. I figured I can pay $20 to $50 a month and they will be happy with that!!! At least they will have to be!!!!

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