Sunday, September 7, 2008


For those of you that were wondering......I just popped in for a sec.

KJ surgery went very well. Afterwards though he is having issues with his oxygen levels...nature of his sleep apnea so the hospital ended up admitting him to the hospital and he will prolly be here all weekend. Right now he is still on an oxygen mask when he sleeps, but when he's awake the machine only goes off every once in a while. (It sounds an alarm when his oxygen falls below 92)

Poor guy has got it down to a science....when he hears the alarm when he's awake he immediately grabs his oxygen mask and puts it on his face and takes a few deep breaths to get the oxygen.

At this point I'm just relieved to see him getting better. I was really scared when he was in recovery, I guess cuz the nurses were making such a big fuss after him and watching him.

I have to say that IMMEDIATELY sounds a ton better!!! He is prolly getting the BEST sleep he has had in 3 years being in here!!!

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