Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol - Kansas City

Kansas City

OK..I didn't get in till the point when they were talking to David Cook's parents

The run of all the horrible talent was too funny....all the guys..didn't catch anyone's name, too busy laughing.

Vaughn I think, with the hat, just had too much screaming to tell if he could really sing. We'll see how he does in Hollywood.

Michael Castro was surprisingly OK. I don't think the judges would have put him through if it wasn't for Jason being there last year. I'm interested to see just how far he makes it. Jason is definitely cuter to me, but he has potential.

Matt Breitzke the welder has a nice tone and sounded great to me. Randy is suffering from ID-10-T. Matt seems like a big teddy bear and has my attention to see how far he goes.

Jaz was totally Adam's Family scary!

Jessica Furney was on point!! Great tone! This season's Janice Joplin, obviously since they actually showed footage of her with her grandmother and everything! I'm curious to see how far she makes it.

Asia McClain and her sister India Morrison were interesting. I'm not sure why India was given a ticket to Hollywood?? I might need to watch it again, I was distracted.....

Jamar Rogers, sang California Dreaming and was surprisingly good. Not sure how far he'll go, but he sounds good.

Daniel Gokey the best friend of Jamar, was a surprise to me as well!! I cried for his story. I couldn't imagine loosing my best friend!! His wife was a very pretty woman. He is one of my early favorites, not just for his story, but I love his voice. He skipped around Marvin Gaye like it was nothing!

Anoop Desai was completely unexpected and was good! Nice voice! Nice tone, and they were able to change Clay Aiken's nerdy look so I'm sure they can desolve his geek look as Simon calls it if it gets to that point.

Andrew Lang the one with the cheerleaders, was just horrible. I was embarrased for him.

Asa Barnes the band director, was OK. He's cute, we'll see how far he makes it during Hollywood week. This year is starting to look really good so far!! I'll watch him just cuz he's cute.

Michael Nicewonder I felt really bad for. His mom told him he couldn't sing and he still decided to humiliate himself! Just sad.

Dennis Brigham begged his way to Hollywood! It's a shame that folks like this are making it to Hollywood and others are told they get one song attempt ....I doubt he'll make it far in Hollywood but we'll see.

Mia Conley the sleeper was just crazy to think she was singing!

Lil Rounds mother of 3 kids has wonderful vocals, we will prolly see her on the show!

So now we are left to ponder these potential Idols till next Tuesday! From the previews Hollywood week is going to be pretty interesting.

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