Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol - Season Premier in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

Day 1

Michal Jackson wanna be with the Afro - that was just SAD!!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Emily. She reminds me of our girl Carly with all her tattoos, but she has a pretty voice AND Barracuda is a hard song to sing!!

JB sounds really good!! Looks like the family may be having some really hard times!!

Michael Gurr was just WRONG!!!! Was he trying to use the bathroom??? He sound like PeeWee Herman on meth trying sing like Prince!!! ROFL

Will Kunick was a joke.

D.J. Bailey was another joke.

Shawn Vasquez...killed Dionne Warwick really bad! Hubby and I argued over if it was a girl or a guy. I was going off of the spelling of his name and hubby was going off of what she looked like!! LOL

XRay otherwise known as Aundre Caraway was seriously HIGH on something!!! He inhaled, injected, or did something not right to himself before he got there....just weird!

Arianna Afsar is 16, cute as a button and the typical American Idol "image" (Jordin Sparks) Then she has also started a local neighborhood program called Adopt a Grand-friend, her and other teens visit elderly in nursing homes. Now, on top of that she can sing. Corinne Bailey Rae has an EXTREMLEY distinct voice and for her to pull off her song and not sound horrible was impressive to me! I will be keeping an eye on her!

Day 2

Elijah Scarlett was such a disappointment....with that voice it would have been NICE if he could have actually carried a tune!! Paula had me dying with her comment about doing movie voice-overs.... one's with monsters in them!!

Lea the 16 year old with the pink cowboy hat, I agree with the judges, she needs more work on her voice. She could be good, but not yet. (I had to add this, if they could let the girl with the bikini through then why not this girl???) S3xist!!!

Stevie Wright has a nice voice. Cara (the new judge??) and Paula thinks she's the ONE. We'll see!

Michael Sarver sang Thank You from Boyz II Men, one of my favorites, and he did it well. Not sure how he'll do in Hollywood, but I like him so I'll be watching him as well!! He has two little kids and a wife.

Katrina Darrell in the bikini was a useless waste of space...she has NO body, as hubby says "under-developed" I don't think she'll make it through Hollywood at all. Potential to sleep with everyone there. We'll see!

Sexual Chocolate (missed his name) no matter, that was a JOKE!!

Brianna Quijada, Simon put her through, I'm not sure she's strong enough to make it through Hollywood week, but we'll see.

Deanna Brown is nasally like Chris Richardson at times, but with work could be improved. She has a very distinct sound to her voice and could really go far. Beautiful blue eyes.

Cody Sheldon sang Wonderful World...I think he's a cutie, I don't make horror films, but I sure do like to watch 'em...hehe

Alex does have an interesting sound but not sure he'll make it past Hollywood either.

Scott Macintyre is a partially blind songwriter/singer. He sounds OK...we'll see

So that was the beginning of season 8 and in total 27 gold tickets handed out in Phoenix Arizona.

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