Friday, January 30, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - NYC and San Juan

Well tonight was interesting. And way too fast! They actually squeezed two cities into one
hour. Ugh!

They start in New York City
Adeola Adegoke – She quit her job the day before the auditions and that was a HUGE mistake. She attempts Jennifer Hudson and it was not even remotely good. That is a hard song to sing and then if you don’t have a voice it’s even harder! Simon realizes this and calls her boss to get her job back for her. He’s such a nice guy!!

Now they bounce to San Juan

Jorge Nunez – Although I could only understand a few words of his first song it was really
good. I think Simon just proved what I was thinking. They are really hoping to find a Hispanic American Idol this year. Simon said they are looking for someone who sings with an accent or else they wouldn’t be in Puerto Rico. They compared Jorge to Marc Anthony so we’ll see how he holds up in Hollywood week.

Jessika Baier decides to attempt Celine Dion’s I surrender and she sounds very cruise ship like. She tries to blame her “bad sound” on her nerves and claims this is all she’s ever wanted. I keep thinking if this is all you’ve ever wanted then why are you nervous?? I think the American Idol has to be someone who doesn’t get so nervous that they cannot perform. If you can’t handle 4 judges in a room by yourself (cuz it is not a live show at the time of the auditions) then what the heck makes you think you can handle the stage and millions of people in an audience! You don’t know nerves babe!

They show a string of horrible singers who all think the judges don’t know what they are talking about. Not the fact that they may actually be bad singers…hehe…go figure!

Now back in New York City

Melinda Camille sings Feelingood and ends up with 4 yeses. She’s earthy and very natural. I really like her. Some of the universe talk made her bordering “out there” but I still like her. She’s very naturally pretty. And the voice has a nice tone. We’ll watch to see how far she gets!

Jackie Tohn grew up singing with her dad. She has a raspy tone to her voice. Remember they have to be able to pull off those weeks where they have specific types of songs to sing and I’m not sure she could sing anything other than what she sings. I’m not sure about her yet.

Back in San Juan

Kate Cassidy did some shouting about raining men. Yeah, nah….

Carlos was attempting to Live Lavida Loca…again…nah…..

Jasimine did a complete step show…..hun, this is American Idol…NOT So You Think You Can Dance…..that comes on AFTER this one is done….ok???

Mike was the rocker that looked like a KISS reject…poor thing.

Joel Contreras was the Crazy Rocker as he called himself, Or The Human iPod
as he had a huge cut out ipod that I guess he was suppose to be performing out of. Or
through…just weird…he was not for the competition and really didn’t have a voice either.

Now back to NYC-

Nick Mitchell – I’m actually glad they sent him to Hollywood, he does have a good voice, just seems to be a bit goofy. Hopefully he’ll be serious when he needs to be, but I’m curious to see how far he gets as well.

I think they went back to SJ……

Kenny Hoffpauer sounded OK from what I could hear. They are flying through these folks and my kids are still up asking me questions so I’m missing things. I think he gets a ticket to Hollywood as well.

Kendall Beard is the blonde from Austin who is in SJ for some reason and the little bit we
heard didn’t impress me, but she’s on her way to Hollywood.

Still in San Juan they show a string of horrible folks

They turned away Nicole Laraway, Mark Contreras, and Michael Sconines who was scary looking while he sang. His eyes looked as though they were gonna pop out of his head.

Monique Garcia Torres showed up with her little brother, who was 9 in tow. The judges are torn, Randy and Kara don’t feel that her voice is ready. Paula says yes, and Simon decides to say yes because of the little brother. I’m not sure she can make it through Hollywood
week and prolly should have waited a year, but we’ll see.

Now back in NYC

Alexis Cohen who was the weird chick from Philly’s (I think) tryouts last year. She is really kind of weird but was not so scary this time around. Last year she went on a cussing rampage and really acted horrible. This time I think she just walked away quietly, but I missed it cuz of the kids, oh well!!

Patricia Roman picked Whitney and almost missed her chance to Hollywood. Why don’t people listen to the judges? They always tell someone every year they types of songs or artist NOT to pick and they always come in there singing Whitney or Celine and these are artist you cannot do better than so you DON’T attempt their songs in an audition. They put her through to Hollywood, but we’ll see if she makes it through the week.

So I’m adding Jorge, Melinda, Nick, Monique and Patricia to my Hollywood Week Watch List.

And FINALLY … Hollywood week is here starting next Tuesday! I’m psyched to see what changes they have made. Looks like they are getting right to the point and weeding out the bad ones from the jump!! Nerves be dammed. Either get up there and do it or push on baby!!! Whoo hoo! Can’t wait!

On to Hell’s Kitchen……

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