Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Louisville


We are getting closer and closer to Hollywood week! I can’t wait to see how all the folks on my watch list make out at the end of that week! Well, on with the show……

Tiffany Shedd – Ugh…they started scary!! That was suppose to be Mariah Carey but that was horrendous!!

Joanna Pacitti – Kara advised that she knows this girl, and she used to be signed with A&M Records. She decides to sing Pat Benatar and she rocked it. She’s obviously had a really emotional ride on her road to making music as she burst into tears when she gets 4 yeses.

Mark was….I can’t even describe it, but he prolly can’t sing anything outside of Blue Grass country music and is totally not right for the competition. He’s the one that tells the judges to be careful in everything they do to which Paula says I don’t know about you, but I’m flying out of here tonight! Simon asks if he was trying to threaten them. Rather

Brent Keith Smith – Soulful sound. He’s promising and could prolly hold up through Hollywood week. I think the girls wait at a moment to jump down Simon’s throat when he’s only trying to give constructive criticism at times.

Matt Giraud – very soulful!!! I love his sound! Reminds me of Robin Thicke or even Elliott Yamin like Simon said! Early favorite for me!!

Ross P. – Was too funny in the fact that he thought studying utube videos was going to assist him with making it to American Idol! Then he picks an Opera song to sing….why do these people tourture themselves? Are they trying to give us hernias from laughing so hard at them??

Alexis Grace – Young mother with the military boyfriend sounds promising. The arm flailing was kinda annoying, but she does have a nice voice. We’ll see if she can make it through Hollywood.

Aaron Williamson – When he started singing I thought Paula was going to run out of her seat thru the back window!! He scared the crap out of the panel so I guess that should tell you how good he was! Just sad!

Rebecca Garcia – She was having a seizure or something! Not sure what was going on! Kara thought she was pulling a joke since she was voted funniest in high school. She completely dissed her!!! OK, she didn’t mean too, but she totally did!

Kris Allen, Felicia Barton, Ryan Johnson, and Shera Lawrence were all in a quick clip of their audition and them getting the ticket to Hollywood. The one that really caught my attention in that clip was Felicia Barton. She actually has the same texture voice as the artist whose song she sang, which is one of my favorites. Corrine Bailey Rae.

Leneshe Young – While she was telling her homeless story I was just praying she’d have a voice to back up all the emotional votes she’s pulling, right??!! She then goes and decides to sing her own song, a song she wrote. OH goodness, I’m nervous and…..wait for it…..she was good!! The song was cute, she’s a cute girl and that would be the ultimate rags to riches story at this point! We’ll see how she does in Hollywood!

So I think they said something like 12 total, but maybe it was more…I was in the kitchen washing out the coffee pot when they were doing the good bye talks and ending credits and stuff, so I missed the actual total, but MAN, I have to say…..this year is looking up! There has been some really really good talent coming through the auditions this year. Or at least they are showing us more of the good ones!! Which I can so appreciate!

On to Lie to Me…I love Tim Roth and I really like the concept of this show. So you know me, I have to check it out!

Also, out of anyone checking out True Beauty???? I'm so enjoying watching all these vain, insensitive, think they are better than life folks get put politely in their place and told about themselves!!! I really think it will come down to CJ and Chelsea winning the plug in People Magazine, but we'll see!!

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