Thursday, January 29, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Jacksonville Florida

Day 1

Joshua Ulloa – He sang a Marvin Gaye song with Blake-ish type sound effects instead of beat boxing. For that reason, Simon called him gimmicky. I liked his style, but I’m not sure if his vocals will be strong enough by themselves without the “gimmick”

Sharon Wilbur – This girl brought her dog with her to the try out. S/he was cute, but I am not fond of the dogs coming everywhere with me. They can stay out in the backyard and out of my house. (no offense AP and Maggie Mae!) Her voice is not strong enough for Hollywood to me, but we’ll see. A lot of people have stepped it up once the pressure is on!

Dana Moreno – screeched ….that was not singing.

Kaneswa – Is totally tone deaf!! Poor girl. Why do these parents let their children embarrass themselves like that?

Julissa – OK, Not trying to be mean, but I totally thought, from the quick flash during the commercial, that this was a drag queen. Not sure she will get past Hollywood week, her voice was not that strong to me.

Darin Darnell –Did his audition crying for his friend Devin Cates who already was sent packing. He is just WAY too weak for this business per Kara, but he didn’t have the voice either. I don’t think it really mattered that he was crying. It would have been horrible if he was still dancing in the halls!

Naomi Sykes – During this audition (the last of the day) they all got kinda weird. Naomi’s frind Samantha sits on Randy’s lap per Simon’s invite to watch her friend audition. Who by the way compares herself to Mariah Carey…immediately I’m thinking OMG NOOOO! So Sam is sitting on Randy, Paula gets up and sits on Simon, and then they tell Ryan to sit on Kara’s lap. That was just weird….really what’s in the cup guys??? You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone!!!! LOL The sad thing is this girl really thought she sang the song very well, “this time”. (Yes, I quote her) She sang Minny Riperton and NO she could not hit the high note!!! But in her after interview she says “I hit the high note really good that time!! OMG….my sides hurt ….poor thing, but thanks for the laugh, eh!

Day 2

Jasmine Murray – Way too much make-up on her face, especially for a 16 year old! But nice voice and will prolly do very well. We’ll see, she is young and age or non-experience could play against her if she’s not smart. I guess she kinda gives off a bad aura to me, spoiled brat syndrome I guess….I’m looking to see more of her personality without all the people that spoil her around her.

George Ramirez – Was dreadful. Painful even. His wildest dream is to have a house with marble floors. Just weird….

Ann Marie Boskovich was told to go get pretty and come back but man she has a gorgeous voice from what I heard.

TK Hash – Sang John Lennon Imagine. Nice voice. Simon was the only judge who said no. Not sure he has strong enough chops to make it through Hollywood week. Again, we’ll see, you never know how people will face up to challenges.

Michael Perelli – Nice tone. They are telling him to put a band together and work some more on his voice. To me, that was weird! I’m not really sure why they turned him down to not even come to Hollywood!?

Ann Marie Boskovich goes back and get approval from the judges and they still make her sing again and of course she makes it to Hollywood. She’s definitely a favorite of mine to watch from Jacksonville.

Salt Lake City tomorrow night! Some of the previews look pretty scary!

On to Fringe…….

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