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American Idol - Season 8 - Hollywood Week - Day 1 and 2

Hollywood Week

So here it is. It’s finally Hollywood Week. We are informed that a total of 147 made it to the Kodak Theater. That is not a large number out of the thousands and thousands that audition!

New feature this year, they call it Boot Camp which includes the Glam Squad, where they spend time with make up and wardrobe people. The hopefuls also spend time with someone who tells them about how important song choices are and gives them tips on what to do for their audition song. (I missed her name) Barry Manilow showed up to give a speech and tips on how to get through the competition.

Now after all that, they are now going on stage lined up 6 at a time, but we didn’t get to hear everyone from each line. They flew threw most of the auditions. At least if you’re trying to catch names and faces and take notes all at the same time. So basically I tried to focus on my Watch List and see what happened to those people.

Song choice, song choice, song choice…how many times do they have to say this people!!!???

Day 1

Lil Rounds – She sang I will Always Love You..Whitney Houston, and she pulled it off. I think she has a good chance to go far. She makes it to the next round.

Dennis Bingham – I said it during his audition and I’ll say it again. “U suck as a singer” He
is of course sent packing.

Nathaniel Marshall – He has all these piercings and had on this weird
blue shirt and tie get up. Overall he has a decent voice and makes it to the next round. He broke down in tears and told how much he wants this, but his song choice was a little off! Just a little. He doesn’t interest me much. I don’t remember his original audition.

Anoop Desai – He was one of my favorites from his original audition and I am really rooting for him to make it far. Not sure if he will win yet, but I want to see him in the Top 10! He of course makes it to the next round.

Jasmine Murray – She does have a nice voice but I cannot stand the fact that you hear her take a breath any time she breaths during the song. It’s just so “there” and I can’t ignore it, I’ve tried! She makes it through to the next round.

Rose Flack – She is interesting to me and I’m curious to see how far she goes. I don’t have her flagged anywhere near winning, not yet at least, but she is different and her voice is decent enough. She makes it to the next round as well.

Stephen Fowler – He’s one that I missed during the early auditions as well so I’m not sure
what city he was from and if they said it, I obviously missed it, but I like him. I like his style and he sang Stevie!! That is not easy!

Jorge Nunez makes it to the next round but I think he did better during his audition in San Juan.

Von Smith still has not changed my impression of him. He’s a screamer and I really don’t want him to go any further so I don’t have to endure that pain. Unfortunately I won’t get that chance this time around. I have to see him again tomorrow as he makes it to the next round.

Nick Mitchell also known as the character Normal Gentle, which I think is really an undercover drag queen. He does have a nice voice, but he has way too much drama or antics. I’m not sure what you would call them. The judges told him the same thing. Nice voice, but drop the gimmicks. He get pushed to the next round, but I think if he comes with gimmicks he will be sent home!

Frankie Jordan– She was a favorite of mine during her audition and she makes it through to the next round. We didn’t get to hear her really, just told she was through.

Day 2

Jackie Tohn – She is not impressive to me and I really don’t like her voice. She’s kinda goofy
although she thinks she’s being cute and funny. NOT!
Monique Garcia Torres – Her little brother was not able to be on the stage with her in Hollywood so she was sent packing..hehe. OK, so maybe not all cuz of the little brother, but they did tell her that her voice was not strong enough and they pushed her through anyway!

Jamar Rogers – I can’t remember the song he sang, but he did perform it well, I remember that. It would be kewl to see the BFF’s make it to the Top 12 together. I like him and I’m nterested to see how far he makes it. He is put through to the next round.

Danny Gokey – Sang Seal and I really like his voice. Again, would be neat to see him make it with his friend Jamar. He makes it through to the next round.

Arianna Afsar – Made it through although we didn’t get to hear her. Man, I need my DVR back because I think there was someone I was watching for in that last group that didn’t make it through. Oh well.

Katrina Darrell – She is such a waste to me, but at least she has on clothes this time. I
really don’t like her, but I’m sure if she makes it to the voting stages the guys will love her!! *sigh* She does make it to the next round.

Jessica Furney – Goes home. We didn’t get to hear her perform either so not sure if it was a song choice or she just flopped.

Patricia Roman – Goes home as well.

Jeremy Sarver – Could have sworn his name was Michael, anyway he moves on to the next round. I’m glad, he’s good looking and I like his voice as well. He moves on to the next round.

Jesus Venezuela – Ends up going home

Alex – Forgot his last name since he wasn’t on my list, but I think he goes home.

Alexis Grace – Goes through to the next round. I can’t really remember her audition and we didn’t’ hear much tonight so I’ll see as she makes it to the next round.

Marie Boskovich – Is definitely one of my favorites and of course we didn’t get to hear her audition either. She does make it to the next round though.

David Osmond – I like. He makes to the next round.

Erica Wesley – was OK. She’s not all that memorable to me. I will see as she makes it to the next round as well (I think)

Emily Wynne-Hughes
– She should have stuck with her original song choice! She luckily gets another chance and makes it
to the next round.

So after the first 2 days in Hollywood there are 104 potential Idols left. Tomorrow we will see round, which is prolly the group thing, unless they changed it up again.

Now there are some people from my List that I missed their outcome. … If you know or remember could you let me know?? ;)

Watch List – Missed Outcome

Matt Breitzke – I saw him, but I didn’t catch if he was a yes or a no
Michael Castro – Completely didn’t see him.
Cody Sheldon
JB Ahfua
Stevie Wright
Deanna Brown
Asa Barnes – I thought I saw him going home, but not sure.
Adam Lambert – I saw him too, but missed what his outcome was.
Kai Kalama
Matt Giraud
Felicia Barton
Leneshe Young
Joanna Pacitti
Brent Keith Smith
TK Hash
Joshua Ulloa
Megan Corkey
Taylor Vaifanua
Austin Sisneros
Melinda Camille
On to Fringe………

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