Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Idol - Top 36 - Group 1 Results

Well, now it’s time to sit through these ridiculous result shows.  I wish they would just block off a half hour and run through the contestants really quick and be done.  30 min and it’s over with!!  These hour long results are just crazy!!!

Group Song - So they are gonna keep doing this group song thing.  I missed the name of the song or the whole introduction about it.  It has a reggae feel to it which I liked, but some are clearly lip-synching their way through this performance.  Thank goodness for the few who can sing!!  Stevie sounded good! 

Casey Carlson was on my list to go home and Ryan says…..Not Top 12.  Anyone surprised by this was not watching the same show I was last night!  I swear, did anyone find out if she has turrets??   

Stephen Fowler was also on my list to go home and Ryan says….. Not Top 12.  I doubt he will make it back to the Wild Card based on that performance.  It was just not impressing at all.  This is disappointing because I would have liked to see him go further. 

Alexis Grace was my girl pick for the Top 12 and Ryan says…..Top 12.  I’m really excited for her!  I can’t wait to hear more from her.  I get to hear her sing since I missed it yesterday!! And yes, I liked it!!  She was much better than Tatiana!!  YAY!!

Ricky Braddy sounded better than I expected from his clip but Ryan says….. Not Top 12.  I do see him possibly coming back in the Wild Card round.

Jackie Tohn was on my list to go home and Ryan says….. Not Top 12 (sorry Mags) For my friend Maggie’s sake I’ll say it’s possible to see her in the Wild Card round, but even if she does, she is not Top 12 material to me.  I think there will be other singers in that group that will be much better than her.  I just don’t see her in the competition this year!

Anoop Desai and Michael Sarver are brought up together, so you already know one makes it and one doesn’t.  This also means that it’s going to be 2 guys tonight and one girl going to the Top 12.  So after all the BS stalling and questions that no one really cares about at this particular point Ryan tells Michael that he is the one that has made it to the Top 12.  I have to admit, I believe Anoop sounded much better last night, he’s the one I voted for, but based on the whole package, I’m not surprised Michael beat him out.  He is just so good looking…I can’t help it…is it just me????    Jasper??  Seriously??  Man!  Well, on that note I REALLY hope to see Anoop in the Wild Card round.  I can’t see the Top 12 without him!!

Carly Smithson from last season sings a duet with Michael Johns who is also from last season.  It was OK, Carly looks good, but that song was just ok.  I was distracted by the kiddos so it may be that I wasn’t listening well enough!  You know??  Kinda side listening while I make the kids believe I’m hearing their every word while I try to grab 3 of theirs and a sentence from the show!!  hehe

Anne Marie Boskovich, Brent Keith, Stevie Wright are all informed at the same time that they are Not Top 12.  I can see Ann Marie coming back in a Wild Card round, but I guess that really just depends on how they will select those folks for that group!  Does anyone know??  Just curious, I’m sure I can wait 2 weeks to find out! Stevie Wright was another person I liked during her audition and Hollywood Week but last nights performance was so horrible I think she blew her chances for the Wild Card as well.

I’m dying laughing at this point as I realize who the last 2 people are!! Danny Gokey and Tatiana Del Toro!!  Now come on, that was just a little too obvious there was no suspense to the ending of the show at all!! Was the “find out after the break” drama really necessary for this face/off??  HAHAHA At this point I have selected the 3 people I think should move to the Wild Card round so no room for Tatiana.  Too bad her personality over shines her voice because she will NOT be missed!!!!

So now they give us the list of next week’s group:

  1. Adam Lambert – Was on my Watch List.
  2. Allison Iraheta – Know nothing about her.
  3. Jasmine Murray – Was on my Watch List.
  4. Jeanine Vailes – Know nothing about her.
  5. Jesse Langseth – Saw something slightly impressive in Hollywood so now I’m curious.
  6. Kai Kalama – From my Watch List.
  7. Kris Allen – Saw a bit from Hollywood and now curious.
  8. Matt Giraud – From my Watch List.
  9. Matt Breitzke – From my Watch List.
  10. Mishavonna Henson – Curious after seeing in Hollywood Week.
  11. Nick Mitchell – All depends on him!! If he comes as Nick great, if he comes as Norman, I say good-bye!!! Go do a show in Vegas somewhere!!
  12. Megan Corkrey – From my Watch List.

So next week there are 6 from my Watch List instead of 5.  But as we learned this week, some will come on stage and completely flop and do themselves in.  Like Stephen Fowler, I thought he had a chance for WC before his performance last night, but afterwards I think he’s done for the season. 
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