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American Idol - Season 8 - Hollywood Week - Day 3 and 4

Hollywood Week

So it looks as though there will be claws and all kinds of mean fangs showing tonight.

Now they say 107 are participating in the Group Round. Hmmm, yesterday they said 104. (Code: Names in GREEN are from my watch list and made it to the next round. Names in RED went home. Names in BLUE are people who keep making it through that I don’t like for one reason or another. People I don’t really care one way or the other yet will stay the same as the rest of the text)

A few observations before we get into the actual performances.

Everyone gets to pick their groups on their own. Some have formed groups of 3 and some are in groups of 4. Some have done it swiftly and some are taking their time moseying around and wasting time.

Danny Gokey and his BFF Jamar grouped up with the 16 year old Amazon Taylor and another girl that I couldn’t recognize from auditions. They then found a nice quiet corner and got busy working. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Megan Corkrey is there…YAY!! She wanders around for a sec and then finds a group to join. I missed who they were though.

Another person that was left wandering for a minute was Tatiana Del Toro. Her laugh is frikin’ annoying! She is just causing all kinda havoc by being indecisive and annoying all the way around. The two groups she disrupted was just WAY too much drama! She decided that her group was not being nice almost 3 hours into rehearsing. Her group consisted of 2 other girls I didn’t remember from auditions. She left and ran into the group that consisted of Nathaniel, Nancy, and Kristin. Kristin allows her to join her group without asking Nancy and Nathaniel and that’s when the tempers fly. Nancy and Nathaniel are just not happy with this at all. They waste time arguing about Tatiana joining the group. Kristin then decides to take a break and rest her voice and Nancy goes off on her because SHE wants to practice. Kristin breaks down into tears. It was kinda unexpected so I laughed, but I can see how Ghetto Nancy going off could scare cute little Kristin from the suburbs. I don’t think I would have cried, but I definitely wouldn’t have put up with Nancy yelling at me. Nathanial and Nancy are just over dramatic and wasted more time arguing when they should have been rehearsing and let Kristin join them when she was done resting her voice. Now after ALL that drama, Tatiana decides to go back to her original group!!! OMG! Instead of letting it go, Nancy goes over to Tatiana and goes OFF on her. Tatiana keeps apologizing but by this time so many hours have been wasted I don’t expect ANY of them to do well at all.

Katrina Darrell is just a waste like I’ve been saying! She’s another one that caused a lot of drama. She grouped with 3 other girls, one of which was Rose Flack. Can we say total personality conflict!!! These two butted heads right out the gate!! Rose is very earthy and “real” whereas Katrina is Barbie doll fake and a JOKE! Katrina went to bed while they were still rehearsing and then in the morning she wouldn’t get up and practice with the group. She’s quitting she says and then she ends up showing up when it’s almost time to perform. She misses the roll call and everything and then sits at the table and demands that they teach her what she missed, yeah right!! In my book, you’re on your own; pick it up while we rehearse!

Anyway so now it’s time to perform for the judges and the first thing Simon says when they walk into the Theatre is “Forget the words, your out!” All I have to say is it’s about time!!!

The first group up is “White Chocolate.” This group consists of India Morrison, Justin Williams, Kris Allen, and Matt Giraud. India is still pulling through with the rapping, but I was not impressed with her audition and she still hasn’t impressed me much yet as far as singing goes. The group performance was OK. I would still like to see India sing more. In my opinion, Kris and Justin did not sound all that good, but all make it to the next round.

Someone named Marilyn or something like that was grouped with Austin Sisneros and JB Ahfua, I think. It was all kinda jumbled together so I missed what was going on for a sec.

Shelby Swartwood forgot the words and Julissa Veloz I believe stumbled on the words as well. Both performed with Jorge Nunez and Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle). The guys make it through to the next round and the girls go home. Way to go Nick for keeping the weirdness to a minimum enough to go to the next round.

The next group, I missed the name they gave themselves, consisted of Alex Wagner-Trugeman, Ryan Pinkston, Anne Marie Boskovich, and Emily Wynne-Hughes. Alex I just barely remember but he sounded good. Ryan I don’t remember at all and he sounded good to me! Anne Marie sounded great to me as well and Emily totally choked. She forgot all her words and Anne Marie had to give them to her. She sounded good once she started singing but she forgot almost 2 lines of the song. So Alex makes it to the next round along with Anne Marie. Emily of course is sent home based on Simon’s statement when the judges walked in, but Ryan is sent home as well. He as well as I was shocked. I thought he sounded really good compared to Alex. He made a crack about seeing Evil in Paula’s eyes...LOL

Next group was the one I’ve been waiting to see. I expect to see Danny and Jamar go far. I still missed the name of the other girl they are grouped with. I have no idea who that is!! LOL Danny Gokey, Jamar Rogers, Taylor Vaifanua, and the unknown girl all make it through to the next round. They performed acapella and they rocked it!!! They all have great voices!!

The next flash of folks I was not sure if they were all in the same group together, but they all made it through to the next round. That group included: Jeremy Michael Sarver, Adam Lambert, Matt Breitzke, and Jesse Langseth. Adam rocked!! He so reminds me of David Cook when it comes to his style. He has a great voice! Matt, Jeremy and Jesse all sounded good to me as well. I would like to see more of Jesse.

I’ve been waiting on this group as well but not for good reasons. I figured they would generate a decent laugh! They have named themselves “The Divas.” I’m referring to tramp Katrina Darrell, Rose Flack, Lauren Barnes and Jasmine Murray. Lauren was completely flat the entire time she sang. Rose and Katrina have hit heads from the time they grouped together. Simon called them out and told them that they did not rehearse together so they all get catty and start naming names per demand of Simon. They all advised the judges that Katrina was the one that didn’t practice. Katrina tells about her scoliosis and being in heels since 5 am…yada yada yada. I was happy to see that the only one that makes it to the next round is Jasmine Murray.

Next they fly through a bunch of people who are being sent home for one reason or another. David Osmond and Deanna Brown are two that I catch in this group. As well as Austin Sisneros, which I mentioned earlier.

Now we come to Tatiana’s group and the group she disrupted with her hopping around. She was grouped with a girl named Muna Hiluf and I think the other girl was Caitlyn something or other. Unbelievably they pull this thing off and they all make it to the next round. Tatiana goes on this babbling cry speech thanking everyone who works on the show like she is some kinda Grammy winner or something! It was totally annoying and totally uncalled for at this point. Really don’t like her!

Then comes the group she disrupted, who decide to call themselves “Compromise.” Nancy Wilson walks out on stage with total attitude. Simon calls them out as well as to say they did not rehearse together. Nathaniel Marshall is just as annoying as Tatiana in a way!! Kristin McNamara actually sounds good to me. Nancy sounded horrible despite all the griping she did, she should have been practicing. Kristin attempts to apologize to Nancy and Nancy flat out tells her it is too late and moves away from her. The judges then let it be known that Nancy is the only one being sent home from this group and she was NOT happy about it. She walks off the stage and completely cusses Kristin out and walks out.

Finally the drama is over and we move onto another week of Hollywood Week. By the end of next week we should have a Top 36 or Top 24. Depends on how they have changed things up. At this point 75 have made it through to the next round.

My Watch List has gotten considerably smaller after this week, but there are still some that I’m not sure what happened to them:

Megan Corkrey I did see her find a group to group with, but I have no idea what happened to that group. I can’t remember if she was part of the all girl group where they all made it to the next round or not.

Anoop Desai I completely didn’t see in a group nor did I see him till the VERY end with Bobby Brown’s My Perogative, so maybe he did make it as part of the 75 who make it through to the next round, but I’m not sure.

Arianna Afsar I have no idea what happened to!!

Lil Rounds I completely missed her group as well.

Asa Barnes I never saw so I’m assuming he’s gone as well.

Kai Kalama I missed

Frankie Jordan I have no idea.

Joshua Ulloa, TK Hash, Leneshe Young, and Stevie Wright are all ones I have no idea what happened to. I didn’t see them in groups so I’m assuming they were eliminated last week.

On to Lie To Me…….Awesome show!!!

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