Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol - Top 36 - Group 1 (Season 8)

Finally the time we have all been waiting for!

The way this works is the highest rated girl and guy go through to the Top 12 along with the person with the next highest amounts of votes received.  There will be another 3 selected to be a part of the Wild Card Show.

I have to express just how much I hate HOUSTON drivers when it rains!!!  The freaking freeway was a parking lot over a little rain!!  So naturally I miss 20 minutes of the show….grrrr! 

When I walk in the door Brent Keith was up and having technical issues with his little video skit thingy.  So here we go from here:

Brent Keith – He decides to sing a country song called Hick Town.  I’m not a huge country fan, but I can tolerate it and there are a few artists I like.  This was not one of those performances.  I really hadn’t heard much about him till tonight, not impressed.  Judges advised he was too safe.  Simon advised he was forgettable where he replies country fans won’t forget it. Guess I’m safe to forget.  I don’t see him in Top 12 nor do I see him in the Wild Card round. 

Stevie Wright – Based on what the judges told her about being young she decides to go with a Taylor Swift song.  I wish she would have just picked a song that matched the texture of her voice and sang it.  Very disappointing performance for me, I expected so much more from here.   She was flat the entire song!  Based on this performance I don’t see Top 12 or the Wild Card.

Anoop Desai – Decided to sing Angel of Mine by Monica.  I’m not sure why or how the judges would say this is not a well known song.  Everyone listened to this song cuz it played on the radio all the dang time!!  At least the way I remember.  I didn’t like the background vocals playing in the back.  It seemed to throw him off to me.  With that being said I still think this kid has an awesome voice and I wish I could have heard more of it without the background drowning him out.  I can see him making the Wild Card show based on this performance.  

Casey Carlson – She decides to sing Police, Every Little Thing She Does.  This was a huge “HUH?”  Does any know if she has Turrets??  I can’t remember her from her audition so obviously she was forgettable.  The facial expressions and the jerky stick dancing that went with those horrible vocals was just way too much.  That was hands down the worse performance so far for me.  The whole thing was really weird!

Michael Sarver – I really like this guy.  He's from Jasper Texas, we won't hold that against him right now! hehe.  He is just so sweet and very good looking!  I don’t normally get caught up in the looks, but he is just so handsome to me.  I love big men and he just keeps appearing to be this big teddy bear!  He goes with Gavin DeGraw.  This would not have been my song choice for him.  Even Randy said it, he should have stuck with the soul, he sounded so much better when he sang Boyz II Men.  It was totally karaoke, I didn’t care for his deliverance of the song at all.  I don’t see him making the Top 12 at all at this point there is at least one guy  

Anne Marie Boskovich – Per Hubby she needs to be 3 octaves lower she is singing in the wrong key for her texture of voice.  I guess, I don’t always know all the technical stuff, I just know what I like and don’t like and I was not crazy about that performance at all.  She was my favorite girl going in to tonight and I think she fell short of what I was expecting.  I’m so glad Ryan did open the door on that hard part comment.  I don’t see her being the top girl tonight so therefore not making the Top 12, but I could possibly see her in the Wild Card.

Stephen Fowler – For some ungodly reason decides to sing Rock with You by Michael Jackson.  Now folks if you aren’t suppose to sing Police or Whitney then what makes you think singing Michael is OK????  Come on people THINK about your song choices and make SMART choices based on what your voice can handle, stop picking a song because you like it.  Pick it because it will complement your voice!!!  Not as good as I expected at all.  I knew that they would smash him for picking Michael since he didn’t go off on it.  I can see this being it for him. 

Tatiana DelToro – I was PRAYING I’d missed her, but no such luck!!  She decides to sing Whitney Houston – Saving All My Love For You.  Again, I’m screaming song choice, till I remember it’s the annoying little …. And I’m glad she’s doing this song so she can mess it up.  I was in awe after her performance….not that she sang it that well, but the girl hadn’t stopped being annoying long enough for me to even notice that she actually can sing!!!  I have to admit this is prolly the first time I’ve listened to her sing and I hate to admit that the girl has a pretty decent voice.  I’m surprised!!  Simon said she’s desperate to be famous and she does not deny it!!  After Ryan tells America her number and about what’s coming next, Tatiana throws in a shout out to all of America about how much this is her dream and it’s up to us to keep her dream alive….ROFL  THAT just made me remember WHY I will not vote for her EVER!!!  I don’t care how nice the voice is!!  Just TACKY!!

Danny Gokey – I was so excited to see he was ending the show!!  I thought for sure I’d missed him at this point.  He decides on Hero by Mariah Carey.  I wasn’t sure how that would work, but that performance was really good! We are definitely seeing Danny in the Top 10 on tour.  I won’t say he’s the Idol yet since there are still 24 people that I want to look at closer, but hands down, THIS was the BEST performance of the night!!  The boy can sing and I felt like he completely made the song his!   Paula is on something as usual tonight and tells him 2 words: “Sold out arenas  OK, I think that’s 3 words Paula 

So now I get to hear the people I missed:

Jackie Tohn – I’m not sure what the heck that was she was screaming, but it did not look impressive at all and I stick with my original opinion.  Don’t like her much at all. 

Ricky Braddy – Again, not sure what he was singing (or don’t remember) but it did sound OK.  I still don’t think it was possibly better than Danny so maybe the 3rd spot or Wild Card for him.

Alexis Grace – She was one I was looking for and her clip appears that she sang very well.  She has to be my pick for the top girl only because her clip sounded better than most of the other girls entire songs.  Now, as much as I can’t stand Tatiana I have to say that it is a HUGE possibility that she will get the highest votes.  I think she’s psycho, but she can sing.  Someone who saw Alexis please let me know, was she better than Tatiana???   

So the way I see it, moving on to the Top 12 will be:

Danny Gokey

Alexis Grace

Anoop Desai

The 3 moving to the Wild Card round will prolly be:

Tatiana DelToro

Michael Sarver

Anne Marie Boskovich 

How exciting that Hollywood week is finally over and we can finally keep the phone lines tied up for 2 hours…
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